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.. defect tracking, change request handling and incident management with SAP©. No matter which system you use. We connect your SAP landscape with your ITIL solution.


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The Problem

ABAP© developments need to be deployed to test and production environments. This is often a manual, time consuming and error prone process, which may cause issues and downtimes!

Our Solution

We enable your favorite Change- or Service Management solution to take control over SAP© software logistics.


Our Challenge

Writing ABAP© code is our daily business, our bread and butter. We work hard to simplify complex IT processes for SAP customers. Behind the scenes ABAP-Experts makes use of an agile development methodology combined with a continous delivery approach. JIRA Software by atlassian  helps us to plan and track progress across both external and internal development projects. Always focused to reach our targets, with a mindset for quality, we always have a strong drive to become more efficient and productive! 

Automated deployment


Once a development task is completed we use the JIRA Software© workflow to inform the assigned tester. Releasing and importing the SAP© transport request(s), was however still a manual process.


Triggered by a dedicated workflow step, TRACE seamlessly imports the transport(s) into the test environment and reports the status.

Self documenting - End 2 End


At transport release the owner of the request needs to complete a Transport Center form, referencing the originating JIRA ticket.


At transport creation the request owner can already select the corresponding workitem from the ticket queue listed in JIRA Software©. Thereafter the issue and the transport request have been interlinked. The link works from both sides. Transport requests stored within SAP can be found and sorted by JIRA reference. JIRA Issues will show all interlinked SAP transport requests.



Whenever a requirement has been tested successfully the JIRA Software© workflow is used to confirm and document the status. Once this step has been passed all linked transport requests become relevant for the next scheduled import. The information however is not passed to SAP©.


The Change Connector marks all relevant transport requests in SAP and adds them into an import list. We use the Dump Prediction feature of TRACE to analyse dependencies and avoid critical issues. After passing all security checks the import is triggered, either immediately or at the scheduled time.

How it works

Our Offering

While you are reading this text, our so called "Change Connector" is not yet a standard plug-and-play product. It is a project offering for clients to interlink their ITIL solutions with their SAP environment, with the intend to gain efficiency, enforce system governance and enhance overall change management processes. Depending on customer specific requirements the integration may vary from a rather loose to a thight coupling.

From Zero to HERO in 5 to 20 days. Indeed, it's possible. We use a standardized methodology to assess your environment and requirements.  We bring our toolbox of integration scenarios and code snippets to speed up the implementation. 


Given our rich project history we gained a deep understanding of change management for SAP. Additionally we can look back at successfull integrations using atlasian's JIRA Software, SAP© Solution Manager Incident Management, HP Project and Portfolio Management and more. We make use of the most recent technologies like building and consuming webservices using ODataJSON or XML based communications.

Optional Building Blocks

An integration with Transport Center (aka. TRACE) further secures the transport deployment with intelligent sequencing and various completeness checks. Next to an efficiency lever you also benefit from a more secure change management process. Making use of our revolutionary plugin to undo failing imports, called RE.Do, removes another roadblock to set you on route towards a state-of-the-art development approach.  


Prevent media and process breaks

Deliver in budget

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Meet project targets

Improved Product Quality

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Target oriented

The project plan below shows the estimated date you can start using your Change Connector based integration in case you contact us today.


* - Lead time may differ based on resource availability.
** - Depending on your internal processes this estimation may differ from reality.


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