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Developer automates his job

Living in today's world with growing digitalization, it may be beneficial to be a developer, or at least to know and understand the capabilities of programming. A pretty funny, but also off-topic example was shared recently on the GitHub© repository.

We can't really judge if it is only a marketing or social media gag, but we feel it is worth to share it. Here comes the story: A company has found several shell scripts on the laptop of one of their build engineers. While having a closer look at the scripts it occurred that the former employee has automated daily tasks that took longer than 90 seconds.

Why do we share this content in our blog?

This is a valid question and I also thought about it. In fact, if you ask me today, this would be my answer.

Not only, but also in the SAP area users are still struggling with manual, but every day reoccurring jobs that limit their capacity and more important their potential. Most IT employees like challenging tasks on which they can grow, personally and professionally. On the other hand, nine out of ten IT Managers complain about having fewer resources within their team that are required to perform innovation projects. This is not a surprise and the solutions seem to be obvious - Digitalization! Automation of reoccurring tasks to free the potentials and capacity of your team.

The original GitHub© project can be found here.

Reduce manual SAP© tasks

Nobody knows better which daily tasks consume most of your working time. In order to become more efficient, it is key to reflect this once in a while. Having identified those tasks, already enables you to figure out which particular work you may want to automate.

Typically it is a small step to get rid of the manual work, once the procedure has been documented all the exceptions are known, and a knowledgeable developer lays the hand on the keyboard in order to develop a solution. Within SAP© this may result in a new batch job that produces the output for the management in the same format and with the same content the employee delivered it manually.

Our commitment, your chance

Our personal goal is not to get caught in manual efforts, and so we at, are best positioned to help SAP running companies to become more efficient every day. You are a developer who works with the same target or you want to become an ABAP-Expert contributing to achieve more efficiency then you are the perfect candidate for our job offerings.

Christoph Nagy

Christoph Nagy

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